An Teallach. Hasselblad XPan 30mm. February 2016.

An Teallach

Hasselblad XPan 30mm. February 2016.

There is a certain amount of commitment required to shoot An Teallach at dawn, especially in winter. For many years it was a photographic ambition of mine to achieve and in order to make it a success I needed the perfect conditions before embarking on the night-time ascent. Although I knew the route well, significant fresh snow had fallen to sea-level forcing me to break trail all the way. The deep snow made the going extremely slow and extremely difficult, there was no path to follow I simply had to navigate from memory of previous excursions with only my head torch and the eerie half-light of the moon. Suddenly dawn was approaching fast and despite my 4 A.M. departure I still had some work to do before I would summit the 3484 ft peak of Bidein a'Ghlas Thuil, the final section of which is the hardest and steepest part. With minutes to spare I eventually crested the final false summit to witness exactly what I’d hoped for - an extraordinary scene. A scene I had waited ten years to capture.

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